We believe that one's life touches many lives and we think that people, companies and organisations must behave ethically towards social, economic, cultural and environmental issues.

We all live according to beliefs and values and even if social responsibility is voluntary and involves the idea that it is better to be proactive than reactive towards a problem, we at Zéphyr & l'Olivier ®, have decided to engage ourselves with a concrete social responsibility cause.

The increasing globalisation should make us conscious that we are all part of the history of humanity, and our actions or inactions have consequences in people's living condition.

For us, education is a very important issue because it cannot be reduced to an academic degree or to the simple comprehension of information and the develop of competences, instead, to really educate oneself and someone, means to introduce ourselves and one another into all the reality factors, its profound meaning and the real value of people and things. 

That is why we have decided to adopt and follow the 5 Guiding Values and Method of the AVSI Foundation:

1. Centrality of the person

The person is seen as a unique being in his or her fundamental relationships, family and society. The person cannot be reduced to a social category or a limitation such as poverty, disease or disability.

2. Starting from the positive

Every person and every community represents a potential resource, regardless of their vulnerability. This means valuing and strengthening all that has been made by people and also helping people to understand their own value and dignity.

3. Doing with

Starting from a relationship with the people to whom the project is directed and building with them on the basis of their development path.

4. Development of Civil Society and Subsidiarity

Development projects must favor associations, acknowledgement and must value the establishment of intermediate bodies along with responsible and engaged social fabric.

5. Partnership

Promotion of partnership with all the actors in the field in order to favour synergies and optimise available resources. 

We appreciate very much the positive impact of the field work of the french association (association loi 1901) Tchapoulines, that develops nutritional and scholar sponsorships for children in Oaxaca, Mexico and Ivory Coast, Africa.

The local partner of Tchapoulines in Oaxaca is Crecemos DIJO A.C. which is a civil association that we very well know from its beginning in 1996.

Tchapoulines and Crecemos DIJO A.C. are both part of the AVSI Network.

We have seen this partnership grow up since the beginning and we are witnesses of the great results and positive changes in children's lives. 

Thanks to the "operational friendship" between these entities, and above all, the friendship and confidence we have with the people that engage themselves in making them a real help in people's life, we are very glad that a part of the buying of our products help to provide sponsorships to children in Oaxaca.

We are very happy that we can invite you to be part of this human adventure!!